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Guild shares staffers’ petitions protesting staffing shortages, other issues

Staffers in bureaus and departments across the country have signed petitions protesting staffing shortages, the AP’s health insurance and forced transfer proposals and other issues, and the News Media Guild is sharing those with company managers at the bargaining table.

The Guild has presented the AP with four petitions so far and has several others to share as bargaining continues. Some echo similar frustrations, while others express concerns that individual staffers have about the AP proposals. More than 200 AP staffers have signed the petitions presented so far.

On Wednesday, the Guild presented the AP bargainers with a petition from 40 staffers in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Calif., and San Diego bureaus.

Forcing AP employees to transfer to other cities would create a hardship not only for us but for our spouses and children,” the petition reads, referring to AP’s proposed forced transfer policy. “Those of us who would choose not to uproot our lives would struggle even more if we agreed to the reduced severance proposal you have presented.”

Under the AP proposal, the company would be able to transfer staffers anywhere in the country at will to fill a staffing vacancy.

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