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Open letter on unions’ value from a young NMG member

Barbara Rodriguez of Des Moines, Iowa, bureau

Barbara Rodriguez of Des Moines, Iowa, bureau

In early August, I attended a conference held by the Communications Workers of America on mobilizing young leadership within union locals.

I wasn’t looking forward to the conference because I was feeling apathetic about work. The long contract negotiations had me down. It would have been easier to tune out than to attend an event where I’d be told how critical union participation is.

I left three days later rejuvenated and ready to work.

At the conference, I was surrounded by newspaper employees (Wall Street Journal, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Chicago Sun-Times, to name a few) who shared their experiences of contract negotiations. I spoke with union members of other organizations within CWA, too. They also told me their stories of stalled talks.

The consensus? The road is long and hard. You get what you put in. Continue reading