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EFE Proposes Another Wage Freeze

WASHINGTON — The EFE News Service on Tuesday proposed an additional year of a wage freeze for its U.S. workers, saying that economic conditions remain difficult for the Madrid-based news agency.

Workers at EFE have already had wages frozen since 2008. The Guild had proposed a five percent wage increase to make up for lost ground, and to also close the gap between wages paid to “Spanish union” workers in the U.S. who perform the same work but are paid much more.

“We keep giving more to EFE, with new multimedia and video products and longer and longer hours, but EFE isn’t responding in kind,” said Jorge Bañales, the Guild’s unit chair. “If EFE wants quality journalism in the Spanish language, it needs to appreciate its staff,” he said. Continue reading

Guild: 5% Salary Increase at EFE After 3 Years of Frozen Wages

WASHINGTON,  Dec 14th — The News Media Guild  began contract talks Tuesday with the EFE News Service, proposing a 5% general wage increase for employees in the United States.

Workers at EFE have endured almost three years of a wage freeze.

“EFE workers have done their part to help the company cope with tough economic times, while increasing productivity and multitasking in new technologies”, said Tony Winton, the Guild president and chief negotiator.

“But the cost of living it continues to increase and EFE needs to make sure its employees don’t fall further behind,” he added.  Continue reading