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AP to NMG: We don’t have list of overstaffed bureaus

The Associated Press doesn’t have a list of overstaffed bureaus, the company said Monday as it tried to explain the reasons for its job transfers proposal.

The company formally presented the language for forced transfers, which would allow the AP to move Guild-covered staffers rather than fire them and also to move people from overstaffed bureaus to open jobs.

The Guild told the AP that staffers are unhappy with the proposal and that its attempt to get employees who came to the table last week in Washington, D.C. _ Jill Bleed and Vicki Smith _ to push the idea with colleagues didn’t work.

“This proposal is destructive to staffers and staffers’ families,” Guild President Martha Waggoner said. “It’s an old proposal that the staff didn’t like years ago and doesn’t like now, combined with one that would ignore seniority rights and allow the company to force qualified long-service employees to accept transfers or be discharged.” Continue reading