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AP to NMG: We don’t have list of overstaffed bureaus

The Associated Press doesn’t have a list of overstaffed bureaus, the company said Monday as it tried to explain the reasons for its job transfers proposal.

The company formally presented the language for forced transfers, which would allow the AP to move Guild-covered staffers rather than fire them and also to move people from overstaffed bureaus to open jobs.

The Guild told the AP that staffers are unhappy with the proposal and that its attempt to get employees who came to the table last week in Washington, D.C. _ Jill Bleed and Vicki Smith _ to push the idea with colleagues didn’t work.

“This proposal is destructive to staffers and staffers’ families,” Guild President Martha Waggoner said. “It’s an old proposal that the staff didn’t like years ago and doesn’t like now, combined with one that would ignore seniority rights and allow the company to force qualified long-service employees to accept transfers or be discharged.” Continue reading

AP proposes sweeping changes to health care, severance, transfers

The bargaining team for Associated Press management proposed Thursday sweeping changes to health care, along with severance pay and transfers.

In addition to a more expensive plan for 2014, management proposed a plan beginning in 2015 called a consumer-driven health plan with a health savings account. The proposal for 2015 includes a “wellness surcharge” that requires employees to meet three of four health targets or face additional charges.

Those targets involve: body mass index, healthy cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure.

The Guild told the company that the health care proposal is more expensive for the employees, intrusive and punitive.

To see the health care proposal, click here. To see the other company proposals, click here: Continue reading

EFE: No Such Thing As a Normal Workday

WASHINGTON, Mar. 12  – After 15 months of bargaining, EFE News Services introduced a new and far reaching proposal that would

Guild members stand united  outside the door to EFE's Washington, DC bureau before contract talks resume Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guild members stand united outside the door to EFE’s Washington, DC bureau before contract talks resumed, Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

end the concept of a normal workday, all but eliminate overtime, and dismantle scheduling protections for workers. EFE also reversed course on the severance pay article, adding a new penalty for workers who could not accept a transfer.

EFE’s new proposals came after the Guild told the Employer it would agree to the company’s previous hours, overtime and scheduling proposal (with a minor change regarding using English in posted schedules) and EFE’s December severance proposal. At the time, both EFE and the Guild viewed bargaining over these items as largely complete.

“EFE launched today an assault on family life,” said Jorge Bañales, the Guild’s unit chair. Continue reading

Guild, AP agree to close 9 articles

The News Media Guild and The Associated Press agreed to close nine contract articles with few or no changes, including the one on severance pay.

The two sides also agreed Thursday to close eight other articles: payroll information, military service, severability, transfers, temporaries, advancement opportunities and individual bargaining. Continue reading