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News Media Guild announces scholarship winners

The News Media Guild is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Patrick Sherlock Scholarship awards.

The winners of the two $2,000 scholarships are Benjamin Jennings, son of Albany newswoman Mary Esch, and Lilly Wellenbach, daughter of photographer Patricia Wellenbach of Portland, Maine.

Elizabeth Josie, niece of Washington Broadcast newswoman Jennifer Garske King, won the wild card scholarship of $1,000. Continue reading

Guild Scholarship Winners 2010

The News Media Guild is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Patrick J. Sherlock Scholarship awards. This year’s winners are Casey Detrow, Julie Mazziotta, and Emilie Benick. The awards are made each year in memory of Sherlock, a former president of the Wire Service Guild, the forerunner of the News Media Guild. The winners are chosen by lottery.  Join us in congratulating the winners! Continue reading