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EFE Proposal is “Take and Take”

MIAMI, May 1, 2013 – EFE News Services Inc. introduced a new set of economic proposals this week calling for large increases in employee out-of-pocket monthly health insurance payments and cutting its retirement contribution by 25 percent. The Guild also questioned the company’s proposal on non-discrimination language and a proposal for unlimited interns.

Wage and Benefit Cuts

The company is now insisting on steep increases in medical premiums – as much as 19% in 2013 and nearly 24% in 2014. The proposals given to the Guild are deeper than EFE’s prior proposal of a 15% reduction in medical premium costs.

That’s on top of proposals to cut staff salary by up to 9% of salary after five years of a wage freeze. Under EFE’s new proposal, the lowest paid employees would have wages frozen for two more years instead of a wage cut.

“Normally, contract negotiations are give and take,” said Tony Winton, the Guild’s chief negotiator. “With these proposals, EFE seems intent on pursuing a ‘take and take’ stance,” he said. Continue reading

EFE Introduces New Wage Cut Proposal

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EFE Guild members hold hands during mobilization in Miami Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2013

WASHINGTON, Mar. 14 – EFE News Services introduced a new wage cut proposal on Thursday that softened its earlier demand for payroll savings of 15 percent.

EFE proposed a tiered approach to wage reductions. Under its proposal, Employees earning in excess of $60,000 would see a nine percent reduction. Employees earning less than $60,000 but more than $45,000 would see a an eight percent wage cut. Employees earning $45,000 or less would see no wage reduction.

EFE General Manager Ignacio Sanz said the goal of the company’s proposal was to reduce costs by $124,000 annually. He described the news agency’s financial condition as critical and said that EFE, a state-owned company based in Madrid, was under orders from the Spanish government to meet the conditions of a solvency plan. Continue reading