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AP refuses to discuss quality journalism as part of grievance

The News Media Guild has closed a grievance involving a staffer who refused to talk with a business news editor who repeatedly inserted errors into his copy.

The grievance was closed after management snubbed Guild efforts to discuss the manager’s editing errors, saying it was not a topic for discussion. The staffer will enter a letter into his personnel file listing all the errors.

The union advised the staffer that he must not refuse to talk with the editor again. AP agreed staffers can go over an editor’s head to his or her boss when errors are inserted into their copy in the future rather than dealing with the manager inserting the errors. Continue reading

Guild continues push for quality journalism, seeks more protections for staffers’ material

The News Media Guild continued its push for quality journalism, proposing language that ensures union-covered staffers the right to view edits of material before it’s published.

“Staffers now have the right to withhold bylines from stories,” Guild President Martha Waggoner said. “We want something that improves the report by requiring that staffers read some edits before they hit the wire.”

The Guild proposed Thursday language that would require that substantive changes in material be brought to the staffer’s attention before publication and that staffers not have to prepare material that distorts facts. The Guild proposal also requires that the employee be consulted before material is corrected or retracted.

Waggoner went through several examples that staffers provided: a former reporter who was told inaccurate material would be left out of his story, who then found the sentence back in the story the next morning; numerous tales of editing errors inserted into stories written by national business writers; and staffers in one region told to read the edited versions of their stories on the wire. Continue reading