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Guild, EFE, Discuss Medical Plan Changes

MIAMI — The News Media Guild and EFE News Services discussed cost-saving options for the medical plan covering U.S. workers as talks resumed Tuesday.

The Madrid-based EFE is seeking a 15% reduction in its overall health care costs, but did not specify how the savings were to be achieved. In response, the Guild sought information from the UFW-CWA plan, the current insurer, for lower cost options. The Guild introduced the UFW-CWA insurance to EFE when workers organized in 2005, resulting in cost savings for the employer and improved benefits for employees.

The various options from the UFW-CWA would further reduce EFE’s costs from three to 10%, but would also increase deductibles, co-pays, and the cost of prescription drugs for employees. The current 0% payment for generic medications would remain in place under all options, and optical and dental benefits would also remain as-is under the options available from the UFW-CWA. Continue reading