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Staffers: AP’s health care proposals would really hurt us

News Media Guild members across the country are uniformly opposed to AP’s health care proposals, which would cost many staffers far more than they could afford and effectively slash their income.

People would be hurt financially whether they are healthy, have a complex chronic illness, need surgery, are seriously injured or have a baby. Guild members are speaking out about how much they would be hit:

I have a rare cancer. I’ve had two major surgeries in the past two years. I’ll probably have more surgeries and possibly chemotherapy. My out-of-pocket costs for previous surgeries under the current AP health care plan amounted to probably less than $1,000. Now, I think it’s pretty likely I’ll reach the $4,800 ceiling for maximum out-of-pocket treatment expenses under the family plan this year if AP’s health care proposal stands. My two sons are on the family plan with me. One takes a medication that currently costs us $192 a year. Under AP’s proposal, that would increase to $698. The bottom line: I see our out-of-pocket health care costs/premiums going up around $6,000 or more this year. And that’s if I stay entirely with in-network providers. I’m 57 and I’ve been healthy all my life until now. Now, when I most need insurance, I would have the worst coverage of my life under AP’s proposal.    JOAN LOWY, WASHINGTON, D.C.

I have had a kidney transplant and have chronic, recurring autoimmune disease that attacks my new kidney. The new plan would cost me about $7,000 more a year if my treatment were to stay constant _ and more if new side effects occur and treatments are prescribed, which often occurs.  MICHELLE MINKOFF, WASHINGTON, D.C. Continue reading