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Results of election for Executive Committee, Representative Assembly

An election was conducted for all seats on the News Media Guild’s Executive Committee (whose members shall also be jointly elected as TNG and CWA convention delegates) and the following seats on the Representative Assembly.


The following members have been elected without opposition:

Executive Committee and TNG Sector Conference/CWA Convention delegates. Three-year terms starting Feb. 22, 2021.


President and 1st delegate – Vin Cherwoo, New York

First Vice President and 2nd delegateJohn Braunreiter, Milwaukee

Secretary-Treasurer and 3rd delegate – Amanda Holpuch, Guardian, New York

Second Vice President and 4th delegate – Michael Warren, Atlanta

Third Vice President and 5th delegateKim Kruesi, Nashville


Representative Assembly. Three-year terms of office for both delegate and alternate, starting Feb. 22, 2021. The RA is divided into districts. You must work within a district to represent that district.


Editorial Unit, Central: Noah Trister, Detroit

EU New York City: Larry Fenn, Data Web Development

EU East: Jimmy Golen, Boston

EU Photographers: Sue Ogrocki, Oklahoma City

EU South: Terry Spencer, West Pam Beach

EU Television: Vacant

EU Washington: Darlene Superville

EU West: Michelle Monroe, Phoenix

Technology Unit: Ed Morsett, Phoenix

EFE News Service: Albert Traver, Washington

Guardian-US: Erum Salam, New York


The following members were elected as alternates:

TU: Elvis Cruz, New York

EFE: Marc Arcas, Los Angeles

EU New York, Dan Derella, Photos

EU Washington: Will Lester, Washington


Elections Committee



NMG Leaders Meet To Discuss Budget, Recruitment, Elections

The News Media Guild’s top leaders met via Zoom Aug. 13-14 for its annual meeting, opting for a virtual gathering rather than in-person in Washington, D.C. due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Under the new format, leaders discussed the budget, discussed upcoming guild elections and focused on member recruitment. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Representative Assembly adopted a new budget for the upcoming year that reflects ongoing bargaining expenses and membership levels.

  • News Media Guild President Jill Bleed, who works in the AP’s Little Rock bureau, announced she would not run for another term in the Guild’s upcoming elections. All Guild leadership seats are up for reelection this year. Anyone interested in running for office is encouraged to reach out to Bleed.

  • News Guild President Jon Schleuss gave an update on national efforts to organize and protect local newsrooms. The Guild’s new organizer, Marissa Dadiw, also provided an update on her ongoing union efforts.

  • This year’s Freeman Award was presented to the Washington state staffers for their extraordinary work on pressing the company for not following state law regarding sick leave carryover. Named for former Guild member and mobilizer Rick Freeman, the award honors the Guild member who goes above and beyond in service to the Guild. Rick, who died in 2017 from brain cancer at age 40, was a tireless advocate for unions and workers and we hope this award can keep his legacy alive.


NMG Executive Committee, Representative Assembly elected unopposed



The News Media Guild received nominating petitions and willingness to serve statement for the following positions. Since they are unopposed they are elected without opposition. The three-year terms begin Feb. 22, 2018.


NMG Executive Committee

President – Jill Bleed, AP Little Rock

1st V.P.- John Braunreiter, AP Milwaukee

Secretary/Treasurer, Vin Cherwoo, AP New York Sports

2nd V.P. – Mike Warren, AP Atlanta

3rd V.P. – Amanda Holpuch, Guardian New York


NMG Representative Assembly

AP Washington Area – Darlene Superville, Washington

AP New York City – Dan Derella, Photos

AP South – Meg Kinnard, Columbia

AP West – Kim Kruesi, Boise

AP Central – Noah Trister, Detroit

AP East – Jimmy Golen, Boston

AP Television – Mike Lennox, Los Angeles

AP Photographers – Lynne Sladky, Miami

Technicians – Dave Herron, AP Seattle

EFE – Jorge Banales, Washington

Guardian – Lauren Gambino, Washington

UPI – Vacant


NMG Representative Alternates

AP Washington Area – Lisa Dwyer-Shapiro, Washington

AP New York City – Larry Fenn, Data/Web Development

AP South – Terry Spencer, Miami

AP West – Janie Har, San Francisco

AP Central – Vacant

AP East – Mike Sisak, Philadelphia

AP Television – Melinda Ulloa, Washington

AP Photographers – Sue Ogrocki, Oklahoma City

AP Technicians – Ed Morsett, Denver

EFE – Vacant

Guardian – Tim Hill, New York

UPI – Vacant

An alternate assumes the delegate position on the RA when a vacancy occurs. Nominations were not received for the following positions: UPI delegate and AP Central, EFE and UPI alternates.

Get involved with the News Media Guild; seats open on Representative Assembly

Here’s your chance to participate in the News Media Guild and help your AP colleagues learn the value of their union.

The Executive Committee has called for a special election to fill the following vacant seats on the union’s Representative Assembly. The terms of office expire on Feb. 21, 2018:

elections to get new government or president free election for n

APTN delegate
APTN alternate
AP Broadcast delegate
AP Broadcast alternate
AP New York City alternate
AP Northeast delegate
AP Northeast alternate
AP Northwest delegate
AP Northwest alternate
AP Southwest delegate
AP Southeast alternate
AP West delegate
AP West alternate
EFE delegate
EFE alternate
UPI delegate
UPI alternate

Only members in good standing are eligible to nominate candidates or run for office.

The nominating period opens on Monday, March 23, 2015. Nominations must be RECEIVED no later than Monday, March 30, 2015. Willingness to serve statements must be received no later than Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Faxed petitions showing signatures may be sent to the Guild office at (212) 840-0687. A pdf of a signed nominating petition that is sent to the union by email is acceptable. The original should be mailed in.

Ballots will be mailed no later than Friday, April 17, 2015, and must be RECEIVED by Friday, May 8, 2015, the day the election committee counts the ballots. If there is only one candidate for a post, no election will be conducted and that person will be declared elected. Continue reading

News Media Guild to hold elections for EC, RA

AN ELECTION WILL BE CONDUCTED for all seats on the News Media Guild’s Executive Committee (whose members shall also be jointly elected as TNG and CWA convention delegates) and the Representative Assembly.
The nominating period opens Sept. 10th. Nominations must be RECEIVED by October 5th. In the event only a single nomination is received for an office, that person shall be declared elected. Ballots will be counted Nov.20, 2014. Please contact the NMG for a full copy of the election rules.
The following offices will be elected.

Executive Committee and TNG Sector Conference/CWA Convention delegates. Three year terms starting Feb. 22, 2015. All members at AP, EFE, and UPI may run for office and cast ballots.
President and 1st delegate
First Vice President and 2nd delegate
Secretary-Treasurer and 3rd delegate
Second Vice President and 4th delegate
Third Vice President and 5th delegate
Fourth Vice President and 6th delegate
Fifth Vice President and 7th delegate Continue reading