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Guardian-US copy editor returns to work after successful union challenge

The Guardian US union is delighted to announce a staff copy editor has returned to work after being unfairly terminated in May. 
The copy editor, Chris Taylor, says he’s grateful for the support from the News Media Guild.
“I want to thank the News Media Guild, as well as my colleagues both here and abroad, for their amazing support,” said Taylor who lost his job in May and returned Sept. 18. “I’m delighted to be back doing my job again.”
Over the course of six months during contract negotiations with the News Media Guild, the company announced two buyout periods in the U.S, operation to respond to a budget shortfall. 
The company negotiated the buyout terms with the union in both instances, but during the second round, the union claimed Taylor was terminated in violation of the interim job security agreement. This prompted the News Media Guild to file for arbitration. 
The staff in the U.S. as well as their National Union of Journalist colleagues in the U.K. and Australia worked together to convince the company to reinstate Taylor.
Arbitration was due to begin in December, but staff learned in August that the company decided to return Taylor to work after another copy editor left the job in July. Taylor is being treated as if he was on a paid leave of absence. The Guild and the company agreed that the resolution would not be referred to by either side as precedential. 
The News Media Guild reached a tentative agreement for a first contract with the company on Sept. 19, and a contract ratification vote will be conducted shortly.