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Guild, AP reach tentative agreement on job security

The News Media Guild and the Associated Press reached a tentative agreement Wednesday on the job security article of the contract.

The agreement, which covers both the editorial and technology units, makes it clear that staffers who start working from home regularly are still part of their previous bureau if the company lays off people. The language protects seniority rights.

Also Wednesday, the Guild proposed that the company give additional pay to customer support employees for obtaining some certifications, just as the company does now for technicians.

The Guild suggested that the AP pay a differential to CS employees who are certified in CIW, MAC and Linux. The company asked for a formal list of proposed certifications, which the Guild will provide later.

The Guild also proposed additional protections for part-timers that give them more rights if the company lays off staffers. Also, the Guild proposed that part-timers with two consecutive years of service have a right of first refusal to a full-time vacancy in their work location if they’re qualified to perform the work.

The two sides will meet again Thursday.



Guild presents counterproposal for technicians

The News Media Guild on Thursday presented the Associated Press with a counterproposal on the technicians’ contract that includes pay raises of 5 percent, 5 percent and 6 percent over three years.

The Guild proposed that the contract expire March 1, 2014, with the first 5 percent raise going into effect Dec. 1, 2010. Five percent would effective Dec. 1, 2011, and 6 percent on Dec. 1, 2012. Continue reading