Staffers protest AP’s unfair contract offers; talks continue

Washington, DC, staff protest AP's contract offer Wednesday.

Washington, DC, staff protest AP’s contract offer Wednesday.

Camera gear amid the baby gear

Camera gear amid the baby gear

AP staffers protested the company’s contract offers while NMG and company negotiators bargained Tuesday and Wednesday.

Guild-covered staffers wore their Guild red t-shirts, buttons and lanyards.

Photographers and video journalists across the country — protesting AP’s proposal to reduce their reimbursements for covering news — sent the company photos of the mobile offices they have long voluntarily provided for free. The company wants to slash their weekly mileage minimum and make them guarantee their vehicles will be available 24/7.

Talks covering those reimbursements, health care costs — a key sticking point — and other issues were mostly off the record and wrapped up Wednesday afternoon with no news. New sessions are soon to be scheduled.

Bargaining began in late July and AP terminated the contract covering about 1,100 journalists, technicians and support workers in early December.

Tons of photo gear to cram inside

Tons of photo gear to cram inside

Laptop, sunshades -- instant office.

Laptop, sunshades — instant office.