Results of election for Executive Committee, Representative Assembly

An election was conducted for all seats on the News Media Guild’s Executive Committee (whose members shall also be jointly elected as TNG and CWA convention delegates) and the following seats on the Representative Assembly.


The following members have been elected without opposition:

Executive Committee and TNG Sector Conference/CWA Convention delegates. Three-year terms starting Feb. 22, 2021.


President and 1st delegate – Vin Cherwoo, New York

First Vice President and 2nd delegateJohn Braunreiter, Milwaukee

Secretary-Treasurer and 3rd delegate – Amanda Holpuch, Guardian, New York

Second Vice President and 4th delegate – Michael Warren, Atlanta

Third Vice President and 5th delegateKim Kruesi, Nashville


Representative Assembly. Three-year terms of office for both delegate and alternate, starting Feb. 22, 2021. The RA is divided into districts. You must work within a district to represent that district.


Editorial Unit, Central: Noah Trister, Detroit

EU New York City: Larry Fenn, Data Web Development

EU East: Jimmy Golen, Boston

EU Photographers: Sue Ogrocki, Oklahoma City

EU South: Terry Spencer, West Pam Beach

EU Television: Vacant

EU Washington: Darlene Superville

EU West: Michelle Monroe, Phoenix

Technology Unit: Ed Morsett, Phoenix

EFE News Service: Albert Traver, Washington

Guardian-US: Erum Salam, New York


The following members were elected as alternates:

TU: Elvis Cruz, New York

EFE: Marc Arcas, Los Angeles

EU New York, Dan Derella, Photos

EU Washington: Will Lester, Washington


Elections Committee