Do Something

Join The Guild

Joining the Guild is the best way to be a part of democracy at the workplace. Members get to vote on contracts, run for office, and have a say in determining what the union bargains for. If you’re not in the union, you’re on the sidelines. It’s the single best investment you can make in your career. Need more reasons? Check out our “Top 10 reasons to Join”

Recruit a Member

If you’re already a member, you understand that there’s strength in numbers. The Guild has recruitment packets and other materials to help you invite your colleagues to join. Please contact the guild office for more information.

File a Grievance

The word “grievance” might sound formal and intimidating, but it’s simply the established way that we and our employer have both agreed is the best way to resolve disputes. Grievances are often settled at the local level with the help of a Shop Steward, a member who will assist you.  If you need help with contract claim, please contact the guild office for assistance.

Conduct a bureau social event

Guild membership isn’t just about contract talks and grievances — it’s about connecting with your colleagues. NMG offers subsidies to bureaus and departments to hold events — from picnics to pizza. Just call us at 212-869-9290 to learn more about how to build the union by having fun.

Learn to be an activist or run for office

The Guild has many ways members can be active. Mobilizers, who help spread the word about guild issues in the workplace and set up social events, Shop Stewards, who help fellow workers in understanding the contract. Shop Stewards come to members assistance when discussing a grievance or sitting in whenever an employee could be subjected to discipline (otherwise known as being a “Weingarten representative”).

Members also can run for office for elected positions: The union’s Representative Assembly and Executive Committee.
The Guild’s Election Rules and By-Laws establish how secret ballot elections are conducted. We also have nomination forms that make it easier to meet the election requirements.