AP: Reinstate Our Fired Colleagues

Sign the Guild’s Petition to Rescind Unfair Journalist Firings

Here is the text of the petition. Please sign it by entering your information (scroll to bottom of page)

Mr. Gary Pruitt
President and CEO
The Associated Press

Dear Mr. Pruitt:

It was only a matter of time before the severe under-staffing of AP bureaus across the country and the unrealistic demands put upon them combined to create a high-profile error. And when it did, AP management grossly overreacted.

Three highly respected, dedicated employees have been fired for doing the best jobs they could in impossible circumstances that they had no hand in creating.

The firings are fundamentally unfair and grossly out of proportion to how the AP has handled other mistakes. We won’t list them here because we don’t want to embarrass other AP staffers, but we can all list several recent errors.

These firings appear to be aimed at driving fear into the hearts of reporters who are under tremendous pressure to compete vigorously with much more robustly staffed competitors.

Our standards have not changed in all these years: Honest errors are just that, and the people who make them own up, move on and never repeat them.

The mistaken report about Terry McAuliffe was not plagiarism or fabrication. It was a serious, but honest error.

Every News Media Guild-covered staffer wants to make AP successful. When we occasionally make a mistake, no one is harder on us than we are on ourselves.

Until this week. We are mortified by the publicity surrounding AP’s overreaction to this mistake.

We respectfully request that you rescind all three firings and begin to properly staff AP bureaus and give your managers, your reporters and your editors the resources they need to maintain AP’s standards of quality journalism

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