Pentagon writer and NMG member Burns wins Gramling Award

Robert Burns, a News Media Guild member and prominent national security reporter, has won a Gramling

Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Award, recognizing journalistic excellence, from The Associated Press.

Washington, D.C.-based Burns was awarded one of two $10,000 Gramling Journalism Awards in the 2013 competition.

Toiling amid competitors in the crowded Pentagon press room, Burns regularly impresses beltway insiders and Joe Sixpacks alike with newsbreaks, investigative scoops and revealing narratives.

His impressive source network enabled him to break stories recently on surging military suicides, Afghan allies attacking U.S. troops and dysfunction in the office collecting remains of wartime MIAs.

In annoucing the 2013 Gramling Awards, the AP wrote: “Admired by colleagues and competitors and relied on to get the job done consistently for 35 years, Bob has had what Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee calls ‘a run of reporting brilliance.'”

The annual company-wide awards were created in 1994 to honor AP staffers for excellence. Each year, a committee selects nine winners in four categories: journalism, achievement, scholarship and spirit.

Burns and the other Gramling winners will be honored at an awards dinner in New York on Oct. 23.