Pageant Media Staff Wins Union Vote, joins NMG

The editorial employees at Pageant Media, financial reporters who work primarily on B2B publications, won their union election on June 16, by a majority of 83%. The 26 members of the Pageant Media Workers Guild join the NYC-based News Media Guild, TNG-CWA Local 31222.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pageant Media into our local and look forward to representing them as they work toward a first contract,” News Media Guild President Jill Bleed said.

News Media Guild also represents workers at The Associated Press, The Guardian US, EFE and UPI.

“After a year of effort, PMWG is certified. Organizing definitely wasn’t easy during a global pandemic, but the team stuck together and helped each other through until we reached an 83% majority,” said Production Editor Luke Tuchscherer. “We look forward to working with all our fellow TNG-CWA members and stand in solidarity with all those fighting for workers’ rights.”

Despite a two-month-long anti-union campaign, they won the vote 15-3, with 5 contested ballots not counted. The group organized to address pay and benefits parity with the company’s UK office, to improve diversity in the newsroom, and to create transparency around job roles and promotions.

As Fund Intelligence reporter David Isenberg reflected, “Personally, I am grateful to my fellow workers for contributing to this hard-earned victory. If we continue to work together in this same spirit, I am confident we will see enormous gains in collective bargaining and beyond.”

Campaign leads Marissa Dadiw and Malcolm Emerich worked together on this campaign.