NYC’s Nano appointed health and safety committee chairwoman

Stephanie Nano

Stephanie Nano

Stephanie Nano, an editor at AP’s headquarters in New York, has been appointed as chairwoman of the News Media Guild’s  Health and Safety Committee.

Nano joined AP in the Cleveland bureau in 1983. In 1988, she transferred to New York to work on the former national desk, spending many years as the evening supervisor. In 2007, Nano moved to the health/science desk, where she is the assistant health and science editor.

Nano started her journalism career at the Cleveland Press, where she was a member of Local 1 of the Newspaper Guild.

The Health and Safety Committee works to make sure staffers have safe and healthy working conditions. It ensures that The Associated Press complies with the law and our collective bargaining agreement to provide a place of employment free from hazards likely to cause illness or injury.

The committee helps increase members recognize and address workplace safety problems. It helps develop and conduct training and education programs that emphasize safe work practices and procedures, as well as methods of resolving identified safety and health hazards. It also functions as our information center on occupational safety and health.

The committee may review accident, injury, illness and fatality reports; workers’ compensation claims and employee grievance and arbitration cases concerned with occupational safety and health. It will help develop safety surveys as needed and assist NMG contract bargainers in negotiating health and safety issues. The union’s contract with The Associated Press expires on Aug. 31, 2013.

Hazards previously pursued by the committee include musculoskeletal /repetitive motion injuries and illnesses, physical and psychological stress, monitoring of asbestos removal, inadequate or unmarked emergency exits, lack of gas masks needed in event of terrorist attacks, poor lighting, electrical hazards, protection from harmful vapors and fumes, dust and excessive heat or cold, noise and radiation.

To report a health and safety issue or ask questions, write to