NYC BizNews staffers welcome new members to the Guild

From left, NYCBizNews staffers Seth Sutel, AJ Connelly and Samantha Bomkamp join to welcome Pallavi Gogoi and Chris Kahn to the Guild.

Barbara Ortutay braved injury to share some time with fellow Guild members.

Luke Sheridan reads up on UnionPlus benefits!

Mae Anderson captures the moment.

BizNews staffers took some time to relax Wednesday as the quarterly onslaught of financial reports from public companies winds down. It was also a chance to welcome four new members from the department into the Guild.

The sign-ups came not because I work in the department, but because the Guild has gotten great support as we try to bring BizNews up to 100% membership. The new members are a reflection of work by members like Candice Choi, Dorothea Degen, Samantha Bomkamp and Bree Fowler.

It’s an example of the kind of teamwork that we need companywide as we strive to expand our membership.

I returned to work to help out with earnings season for a few weeks, but I’m back on the road starting Wednesday to visit more buros and find out what we can do to encourage Guild membership.

Just like in my own department, I’ll be relying on members in Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston and more. Help spread the word about the Guild, and explain to your co-workers that we’re stronger when we stand together.

In unity,