NMG’s Rubinkam turns new math into Best of States win

Mike Rubinkam

Mike Rubinkam

NMG member Mike Rubinkam won last week’s Best of the States award after he spotted a trend on Facebook. Parents who are friends of his were stumped and frustrated by their children’s math homework.

The Allentown, Pa., correspondent began boning up on new curriculum guidelines known as the Common Core, in journals and technical reports. While he was researching, commedian Louis C.K.’s online rant about his own kids’s homework went viral, making the issue even hotter.

Rubinkam’s story presented the perspective of parents and students as well as that of educators and policy-makers. It was accompanied by a mobile-friendly quiz that showed how maddening the new math methods can be to the uninitiated.

The story, under the snappy headline “2+2=What?,” was No. 1 on AP Mobile for more than a day, and garnered  more than 9,000 comments on Yahoo!News.