NMG’s John Flesher wins Best of States award

John Flesher

John Flesher

Amid this winter’s storm of storm coverage, NMG member John Flesher found a great way to make weather news stand out, earning him last week’s AP Best of the States award.

Flesher, a correspondent based in Traverse City, Mich., noticed an unusual detail amid the snowstorms and frigid weather: The Great Lakes were freezing over.  Great planning and advance legwork made his story really stand out.

Tracking daily ice updates from the federal government over several weeks, and interviewing scientists and other sources from his years of Great Lakes environmental coverage, he was ready when the ice cover neared 90 percent. d already contacted the Coast Guard about visiting an icebreaker ship and he checked out various vantage points for great views, including famous ice caves.

As a result, The AP produced a great package with text, photos and video far deeper and broader than any rival’s coverage, earning wide play.