NMG team ready for bargaining, mobilizing this summer

The News Media Guild’s Executive Committee has appointed our bargaining team and our national mobilizer for upcoming contract negotiations with The Associated Press.

The Editorial and Technology Unit contracts expire on Aug. 31. Negotiations are expected to begin in late July.

The bargaining committee was recommended to the EC by the union’s Representative Assembly.

NMG President Martha Waggoner, a newswoman in Raleigh, N.C., will chair the committee. She’ll be joined by two other NMG officers, Secretary-Treasurer John Braunreiter, who is a technician in Milwaukee, and 3rd Vice President Don Ryan, a photographer in Portland, Ore.

All three served as negotiators in the prior three rounds of contract negotiations.

Our chief negotiator will again be NMG Administrator Kevin Keane.

The EC and RA also chose four alternates to serve on the team in the event one of the bargainers is temporarily unavailable. They include New York Sports staffer Vin Cherwoo, the Guild’s 4th vice president and also an experienced bargainer.

The others are all technicians: Mike Mazzo of Richmond, Va., the Guild’s 5th vice president; and RA members Pat Turley of Chicago and Ed Morsett of Denver.

The union’s bylaws require that a technician be present during all segments of bargaining affecting members of NMG’s technician unit.

The EC also appointed 1st Vice President Linda Johnson, a business writer based in Trenton, N.J., to serve as the national mobilizer for the second time.

Johnson has already begun her work, including cohosting sectional meetings on the East and West Coasts with dozens of activists from around the country, They helped union leaders identify key issues for staff and develop plans for mobilizing.

The Guild’s contract with the AP covers about 1,170 U.S. editorial and technical staffers.