NMG President Winton won’t seek re-election; Waggoner to succeed

Guild President Tony Winton announced he will not be a candidate for president after service 10 years as president. He will be succeeded by Martha Waggoner, who now serves as first vice president on the Executive Committee.

 When my term ends in February, I will have been president for 10 years — and after discussions with my family and friends, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to exit, and for others to take the reins,” Winton said. “The local will be in good hands with Martha, who has years of experience as first vice president and chair of the AP negotiating committee. It is my hope to continue serving the local in various projects, including renewal bargaining with the EFE News Service later this year.”

The following individuals were the only nominees for their respective posts and therefore are declared elected without opposition, pursuant to the NMG by-laws:


President and 1st Delegate to CWA Conventions

Martha Waggoner, Raleigh

 First Vice President and 2nd Delegate to CWA Conventions

Linda Johnson, Trenton

 Secretary Treasurer and 3rd Delegate to CWA Conventions

John Braunreiter, Milwaukee

 Second Vice President and 4th Delegate to CWA Conventions

David Melendy, Washington

 Third Vice President and 5th Delegate to CWA Conventions

Don Ryan, Portland , OR

 Fourth Vice President and 6th Delegate to CWA Conventions

Vinay Cherwoo , New York

 Fifth Vice President and 7th Delegate to CWA Conventions

Mike Mazzo, Richmond


  • APTN: Robert Gutnikoff, Washington
  • APTN Alternate: Nyia Hawkins , Washington
  • Broadcast: Pete Van Vleet , Washington
  • Broadcast Alternate: Matt Small, Washington
  • Midwest: Steve Karnowski, Minneapolis
  • Midwest Alternate: Lindsey Tanner, Chicago
  • New York Editorial: Carmen Hulbert, Spanish Desk
  • New York Editorial Alternate: Rick Freeman, Sports
  • New York Non-Editorial: Jim Supanick, Images Library
  • Northeast: Mary Esch, Albany
  • Northeast Alternate: Wilson Ring, Montpelier
  • Northwest: Ben Neary, Cheyenne
  • Northwest Alternate: Nigel Duara, Portland , Ore.
  • Photographer: Lynne Sladky, Miami
  • Photographer Alternate: Elaine Thompson, Seattle
  • South: Suzanne Laboy, Miami
  • South Alternate: Dorie Turner Nolt, Atlanta
  • Southwest: Alan Sayre, New Orleans
  • Southwest Alternate: Terry Wallace, Dallas
  • Washington Area: Larry Margasak, Washington
  • Washington Area Alternate: Darlene Superville, Washington
  • West Alternate: John Marshall, San Francisco
  • Technology At-Large 1: Pat Turley, Chicago
  • Technology At-Large 2: Ed Morsett, Denver
  • Technology At-Large 2 Alternate: Bobby Johnson, Chicago
  • UPI: Pat Nason, Los Angeles
  • UPI Alternate: Al Swanson, Chicago

The Elections Committee needs additional time to review with our attorney information regarding a nominating petition filed for Mark Carlson of Phoenix .

Nominations were not received for the following positions. NMG will call a special election to fill these posts at a later time.

  • EFE Delegate
  • EFE Alternate
  • New York Non-Editorial Alternate
  • Technology At-large 1 Alternate

News Media Guild Elections Committee