NMG, AP agree to revisions of ethics policy

NEW YORK — The News Media Guild and The Associated Press reached agreement Friday on revisions of several segments of the Ethics Policy, including those covering gifts and the removal of extraneous sounds in broadcast reports.

 The company agreed employees may keep items valued up to approximately $25. In audio and video reports, it is now permissible to remove overly long pauses, hums, clicks or pops.  

The two sides discussed several technology unit issues, with the company agreeing to post Senior Technician openings internally before seeking outside applications.

The Guild also proposed adding compensation for technology unit employees who get certified as Microsoft Office Specialists and for Microsoft Desktop Support, and increasing the cap for all certifications to $200 per week.   There was also an agreement to continue current terms on grievance procedure for both the editorial unit and technology unit.  

The Guild will respond Wednesday to the company’s proposal to freeze the pension.  The union’s pension consultant will be at the table.

On Thursday, the two sides will discuss some misclassified positions the union believes should be union covered.  Training will be discussed Friday.  

Representing the Guild at the table were: Martha Waggoner, John Braunreiter, Don Ryan, Vin Cherwoo and NMG administrator Kevin Keane.  

Representing the AP were: Michelle Ehrlich, Carole Feldman, Alison Quan, and attorney Steve Macri.