New York City BNS (and Guild member!) Kiley Armstrong wins annual award

Kiley Armstrong, a breaking news staffer in New York City and a News Media Guild member, has won the AP’s inaugural BNS of the year award for her work during Superstorm Sandy.

The Associated Press said Armstrong “was essential to keeping AP out front on the constantly evolving story …” She filed dozens of NewsAlerts and NewsNows when the crisis was at its peak, the AP said.

“Kiley’s performance should be a model for how a BNS operates on a big story,” said James Martinez, news editor for New York.

The company noted that her work during Sandy was a highlight of her efforts throughout a busy year that included Occupy Wall Street protests and arrests, terror suspects in court, and a potential new assailant in the 1970s disappearance of young Etan Patz.

Armstrong plans to donate some of the award to Sandy relief efforts in New York and New Jersey.