Election Nominating Petition Forms


Use the EC Nom Form for nominating members to the office of President, Secretary-Treasurer, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Fourth Vice President, and Fifth Vice President. Under the Guild’s by-laws, members of the Executive Committee are also automatically elected as delegates to The Newspaper Guild Sector Conference and Communications Workers of America Convention.


There are 16 seats on the Representative Assembly, the NMG’s policy-making and budget setting body. The RA is divided into both geographical and job classification districts. Select the appropriate form for your district

AP Northeast RA Nom Form AP Northeast

AP South RA Nom Form AP South

AP Southwest RA Nom Form AP Southwest

AP Midwest RA Nom Form AP Midwest

AP West RA Nom Form AP West

AP Northwest RA Nom Form AP Northwest

AP Washington DC RA Nom Form AP Washington

AP New York Editorial RA Nom Form AP NYC Editorial

AP New York Non-Editorial RA Nom Form AP NYC Non-Ed

AP Photographers RA Nom Form AP Photographers

AP Broadcast RA Nom Form BNC

AP Television RA Nom Form AP Television

EFE News Service RA Nom Form EFE

United Press International RA Nom Form UPI

AP Technology at-large 1 RA Nom Form AP Tech 1

AP Technology at large 2 RA Nom Form AP Tech 2