Meet Guild’s new recruiter, business staffer AJ Connelly

The News Media Guild has begun a national recruiting drive in preparation for next year’s contract bargaining.

Eileen AJ Connelly, a Business editor and writer in New York City, has just begun a three-month Guild leave of absence to oversee recruiting efforts for now. Connelly’s salary and benefits are being paid by the Communications Workers of America.

Connelly, who joined the AP in 2005, serves as a shop steward in Business News, where she works as a copy editor and reporter.  She also worked as a mobilizer during contract negotiations last year and serves on the Guild’s National Grievance Committee.

Many AP staffers will be hearing from Connelly shortly by phone.  She will also fly to a number of bureaus to visit with Guild activists and other staffers.

The Guild’s goal is to increase membership and staff involvement in the union, and ultimately to be successful in the next round of bargaining. If you’re interested in building our bargaining power and would like to join or help recruit new members, contact us.