Linda Johnson Appointed As Guild’s Mobilizer

Linda Johnson of The Associated Press’ Trenton bureau will work as the
union’s mobilizer during the upcoming bargaining.

The News Media Guild’s Executive Committee voted for Johnson, chairman of
the union’s Representative Assembly, to serve as mobilizer. The RA is the
budget-setting and legislative branch of the union.

“I’m excited by this opportunity to help Guild-covered staff engage in
activities that will help the bargainers make progress during bargaining,”
said Johnson, a 20-year AP veteran who writes for the business new vertical.
“I hope staffers – both members and non-members – will learn more about how
the union makes the AP a better place to work.”

Among her many duties, Johnson will work with local potential leaders,
stewards and mobilizers to identify priorities and analyze problems.

Johnson will go on short-term leaves until October, when she may need to
work for the union full-time.