Did you know that you can request that the company bring in an ergonomics specialist, which includes its workers’ compensation insurance carrier, to evaluate your workstation to avoid or address repetitive strain injuries? You can also file a grievance if the company ignores your request for new equipment that is needed to address a medical condition?


Gary Pruitt told AP employees during the March Town Hall meeting, that furniture is generally evaluated when leases are up, or during moves, but that it would be done now “on a more regular basis.”


Employees are urged to let the union know when your office is being relocated. You want to make sure your furniture is evaluated at that time.


In the meantime, Pruitt said, if there’s an ergonomic issue, health issue or other problem, “That can’t wait.”  He urged people to contact their manager or HR. (Vicki Cogliano of AP Benefits . The Guild urges employees to copy Guild Administrator at too, so the union can assist as needed.


Your Guild Health and Safety Committee members agree “it can’t wait” and will assist you as needed. Its members are Stephanie Nano of New York, Sue Ogrocki of Oklahoma City and Dave Herron of Seattle.


Other important rights and protections in your union contract will be addressed in future releases.