Guild offers proposals on job security, 2 other issues

The News Media Guild turned over three proposals to the Associated Press on Tuesday on issues involving job security, part-time employees and individual bargaining.

On job security, the Guild proposed prior disciplinary material would be removed from a staffer’s personnel file if no further discipline has been issued in three years. The contract has no language now on the removing old disciplinary notes.

For employees who work from home, the Guild proposed language that they will retain all rights within their then-existing work location and that AP will not create bureaus, correspondencies or business locations to undermine job security rights.

The Guild also proposed that a part-time employee who has more seniority within the affected job classification than a full-time employee in the work location shall be offered the full-time job in the event of layoffs. The language reflects the way AP has responded to layoffs in the past.

The Guild also proposed that if a full-time opportunity becomes available, a part-timer with seniority in the affected classification and work location would be offered that job.

In individual bargaining, the Guild proposed language that recognizes the union’s right to consult with AP on merit pay if it believes discrimination is involved.

Bargaining will resume Wednesday.