Guild Members Talk About Next Contract

WASHINGTON — Embracing new social media technology, dozens of Guild members talked about goals for the next labor agreement with The Associated Press at meetings in Los Angeles and Washington this month. The Guild holds “sectional” meetings each bargaining year. The current contract with AP expires Nov. 30 and talks are expected start in mid-October.

The Guild has established a presence on Facebook with its own group and page. And on Twitter, staffers can “follow” the Guild’s account @NMGAP.

At the sectionals, bureaus and departments send representatives to learn about the contract process, mobilization, and how to address other workplace issues by working together.  This year, with the explosive growth of social networking platforms, delegates recommended bringing the union’s message to staffers to an even greater extent than in previous rounds of bargaining.

The Guild will be placing a call for rank-and-file negotiators for the October talks soon. The sectional meetings are a key part of determining the bargaining program, along with member surveys now being completed by Guild members.

Members ‘give an arm’ in Los Angeles. Photo: Reed Saxon

Guild members from the East gathered in Washington, DC the following weekend. Photo: Don Ryan