Guild awards annual scholarships

Three News Media Guild members will be able to help family members pay for their education, thanks to recently awarded News Media Guild scholarships.

Piggy bank with graduation cap on a book isolated on a white background, education savings

The News Media Guild annually awards three scholarships.

Mark Miller, a tech on the Global Help Desk based in Los Angeles, will receive $2,000 toward his daughter Tristen’s studies at Santa Monica College, where she is in her second year studying foreign language, voice and theater, with her goal a career in either musical theater or music therapy.

Dennis Waszak Jr., the New York Jets beat reporter, will also receive $2,000. It will be used to help pay for his wife’s final year in the doctor of nursing practice at the University of Pittsburgh.

Daria, a registered nurse for 20 years, and nursing instructor with Felician University in New Jersey, is focusing her doctoral work on improving the care of veterans, and improving patients’ knowledge of opioid prescription safety. After graduating, she plans to continue teaching nurses and focus on efforts to help mitigate the U.S. opioid epidemic.

The “wild card” scholarship of $1,000 went to Padmananda Rama, who is on the video team in Washington, D.C. and recently took part in coverage of the Democratic National Convention, to help send her cousin Sophia Diaz-Muca to San Francisco State University, where she is majoring in history, following a summer internship at de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Sophia’s long-term interest is in art history and museum curation.

The News Media Guild awards the three scholarships every year by lottery to members in good standing. The two $2,000 awards are available for Guild members and their spouses, children, grandchildren, parents or other members of their immediate households. The wild card scholarship is available to Guild members’ relatives, friends or co-workers who are not members of their household.

Scholarship candidates must be enrolled full-time or part-time in a degree or certification program at an accredited, post-secondary educational institution. Applications are mailed to members in late spring.

“My wife Daria and I are thrilled about the scholarship,” Waszak said. “It’ll be a great help to us.”