Guild, AP discuss ethics, exclusions

 The News Media Guild on Thursday asked The Associated Press on Thursday to explain why dozens of jobs are considered management instead of being covered by the Guild.

 Negotiators went through a lengthy list of positions in the editorial unit. Among the positions discussed were those in business news, video, graphics, and regional desks, as well as some administrative correspondents. The Guild is reviewing recent information from AP as it investigates the “exclusion” issue in both the editorial and technology units.

The Guild also proposed changes to the ethics policy to clarify proper practices in the photo, video, and audio reports.  The Guild also proposed that no employee be disciplined for failing to remove friends’ comments from a Facebook page, among other revisions.

Representing the Guild at the table were: Tony Winton, Martha Waggoner, John Braunreiter, Don Ryan and Vin Cherwoo.

Representing the AP were: Michelle Ehrlich, Sue Gilkey, Carole Feldman, Alison Quan and attorney Steve Macri.