Guardian US unit nominates negotiators for contract bargaining

The Guardian US union has nominated Ashley Chervinski, Amana Fontanella-Khan, Tim Hill and Amanda Holpuch to negotiate its contract renewal.

Amana and Amanda are returning to the table after negotiating the Guardian US’s first Guild contract, which was signed in October 2017.

Amana and Tim are co-presidents of the office’s union and Amanda is a member of the News Media Guild executive committee.

Tim and Ashley are sub-editors, also known as copy editors, on the production desk. Tim started at the Guardian’s London office before moving to New York in 2011, making him one of the US office’s longest serving employees. Ashley joined in 2018 and previously worked as a freelancer at various publications including Refinery29.

Amana is opinion editor for the Guardian’s US edition and has worked there for five  years. Amanda is a national correspondent and has worked in the New York office for eight years.