Associated Press Editorial Unit

Of more than 4,000 Associated Press employees worldwide, about 3,000 are considered “journalists” by the AP. Slightly more than half of those _ the majority of non-management AP employees in the United States _ are covered by the “editorial unit” agreement negotiated with the News Media Guild.

Most are newspersons (print, web, and broadcast reporters, editors, anchors, photographers, etc.), but this diverse group also includes assistants, artists, accounting and computer staff, clerks, messengers, sales correspondents and more. (Technicians and broadcast engineers are covered under a separate agreement, while administrative staff, managers and employees outside of the U.S. are not represented by unions.)

The Guild negotiates pay, job security, health benefits, time off and all other benefits for all editorial unit employees. However, these are minimum standards. You are always free to bargain individually for more — you just can’t bargain for less.

AP National Technology Unit

The News Media Guild Technology Unit represents more than 100 technicians and broadcast engineers who support the journalistic endeavors of The Associated Press.

Our work is vital to the company’s success, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of news and information to the world. We install, operate and maintain key equipment owned or leased by AP for print, picture and broadcast services in the United States.

The Technology Unit began May 7th, 1937 as The Commercial Telegraphers’ Union Of America Associated Press System, Division 14. In the late 1980s, we joined the Communications Workers of America as Local 1314, then later aligned with The Newspaper Guild under CWA.

In 2005, Local 1314 voted to merge with TNG-CWA Local 31222, The News Media Guild.

Guardian US

The Guardian US is the U.S. subsidiary of the Guardian News and Media LLC, based in

Guardian US workers joined the News Media Guild in 2015 and reached agreement on its first collective bargaining agreement two years later. The contract was ratified unanimously in September 2017 and included pay raises, paternity leave of 10 weeks for a birth or adoption and employer payment of the full cost of health insurance for a worker.

The agreement also includes terms for a fair share representation fee.


EFE News Service is the U.S. subsidiary of Agencia EFE, the world’s largest Spanish language news service, and the world’s fourth largest newswire.

EFE News Service workers joined the News Media Guild in 2005 and bargained for a contract the following year, even as the company decided to transfer most of its Miami operations to Bogotá, Colombia. Though 16 workers in Florida were laid off, our affiliation with the Guild resulted in severance packages they would not otherwise have received.

The contract signed in December 2006 was the first ever signed between EFE and its employees outside Spain. It provides raises, a better medical plan, a 401(k) savings plan, six weeks of paid maternity leave and a grievance procedure.

Agencia EFE is a daily news service that operates in 180 cities worldwide, including Washington, D.C., New York, Miami and Los Angeles. EFE employs about 3,000 journalists and 900 other workers who provide services in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Arabic and English.

Retired Members Council

The News Media Guild’s Retired Members Council _ 60 members and growing _ is part of a national voice on issues of importance to AP, UPI and EFE retirees.

While we no longer work in the bureaus, we know that our benefits and the benefits of those still in the workplace must be safeguarded.

Whether at bargaining or corporate board tables, in Congress or in state legislatures, we believe the union must guard against attempts to weaken benefits that are important to retirees and retirees-to-be, from Medicare and Social Security to prescription drug coverage.

We are an active resource for the union. We can write letters to lawmakers, sign and circulate petitions, stuff envelopes and, if need be, help mobilize job actions.

Membership comes with various benefits, including: discounts on car rentals and computer purchases; lower rates for insurance, legal services and credit cards; membership in the AFL-CIO-sponsored Alliance for Retired Americans; and subscriptions to publications from the News Media Guild, The Newspaper Guild and Communications Workers of America.

Retirees and alumni of AP, UPI and EFE wishing to join should contact Adolphe Bernotas or Roy Bolch.