‘Consumer Reports’ Discount

The Union Plus ConsumerReports.org discount allows union members like you to save big on online subscriptions to ConsumerReports.org® and then keep on saving by getting the most for your money when shopping for everything from sauce pans to sedans.

Union members save 27 percent and get on-demand access to the unbiased product Ratings and buying guides that have made Consumers Union the nation’s most trusted source of consumer advice.


The special $19 annual online subscription to ConsumerReports.org (an annual savings of $7) includes online access to:

  • All the content of the current issue of Consumer Reports magazine
  • All Consumers Union product reports
  • Online discussions with ConsumerReports.org experts
  • Make brand and model choices based on price, features and manufacturer specifications and make side-by-side model comparisons.

Consumers Union—whose employees are represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA)—operates the largest nonprofit educational and consumer product testing center in the world.  With over 100 testing experts—and feedback from consumers like you—ConsumerReports.org gives you impartial buying recommendations that have helped millions of consumers protect their families from shoddy products and get the most for their money.

Whether you’re looking for a television or a tractor, home improvements or health products, the safest car or the best-sounding stereo, you get the facts you need to make the right choice when you have ConsumerReports.org just a click away.

Let ConsumerReports.org and Union Plus team up to help you make the right choices and keep on saving by going to www.UnionPlus.org/ConsumerReports.