Coming Together For Change

Associated Press workers are coming together for a fair contract in coordinated actions across the country today, insisting that Associated Press bargain for fair contract terms at the world’s largest news agency.

And the general news-reading public is being asked to participate in a fight for the central principle that fact-based, quality journalism depends on fair working conditions for the men and women who provide the news.

Workers in at least 16 states were doing “car boycotts,” declining to use their personal vehicles to cover news stories. Others are joining in with “byline boycotts,” by taking their names off AP news copy.

Meanwhile, more than 3,000 people from all over the world — including journalists at other news organizations — have signed on the Guild’s “Quality Journalism” petition at

“We’re incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from readers, viewers, and listeners who’ve told us how much the appreciate the work of AP workers all over the world,” said Tony Winton, NMG president.

One supporter wrote the union:

I am one of the million of Americans who followed the work of AP’s journalists last year in Haiti. Now, other members of your team are at risk in Egypt. The men and women deserve a contract, a wage increase and a decent pension.

The Guild’s contract with AP expired on Nov. 30. NMG represents reporters, editors, photographers, TV and radio staff, technicians, and business office workers.