Celebrate Labor Day with union-made food, beverages

Do you know if your favorite brew is made by fellow union workers?  How about the chips and pretzels that are part of your Labor Day celebration?  Find out if what you’re serving is union-made.   Then share what you learn on Facebook and Twitter.

This Labor Day, you can save money and support fellow union members by buying products and services from unionized companies. You’ll find discounted prices on everything from cars and tires to checks, jeans and t-shirts.

To make your union-made shopping easier, you can now have lists of union-made products sent to your mobile phone wherever you’re shopping:

  • Text CARS to 22555
  • Text BEER to 22555
  • Text PETS to 22555
  • Text TOYS to 22555

Thank a worker today

No matter what we do, our work makes the work of others possible. Teachers depend on electricians. Who count on steelworkers. Who need nurses and engineers. Who rely on researchers and bus drivers and flight attendants. Who depend on taxi and child care workers. Who need autoworkers and traffic cops and firefighters. And on it goes.

This Labor Day, take a moment to show your appreciation by giving a “Thank You” card to a worker. Just click here to download a cool Labor Day “Thank You” card from the AFL-CIO.