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CWA provides access to free training for Guild members

Would you like to learn more about creating iPhone videos or using Photoshop on the go? Could you use some stronger database skills to deepen your journalism? Are you thinking about building your own website to showcase your work, but not sure where to start?

News Media Guild members are eligible for free training through popular online course provider

Through our parent union, the Communication Workers of America, News Media Guild members are eligible for free training on

Through our parent union, the Communication Workers of America, News Media Guild members can get free training on

From accounting to podcasting to web design, offers thousands of video-based online courses that can help Guild members develop career skills, brush up on personal interests or even just learn how to get the most out of the gadgets you’ve accumulated or apps you’ve downloaded.

Signing up takes just a few clicks, and the courses can be completed at any time.  Courses range from short how-tos for using mobile apps (generally about 20 minutes) to more advanced technical skills that can feature 10 hours or more of instruction.

To open a account as a Guild member, visit the CWA website at and click on the “For Members” tab, which will show a menu of items including “Benefits, Scholarships and Training.” In the “Training” section on the page that link leads to, click on CWA NETT, and then click on “Resources” on the top of the next page.

Typically, using starts at $240 per year, so this free subscription is a significant benefit for Guild members.

CWA NETT also offers members more advanced photography courses through

The Guild’s Tech Unit members should also take a look at the courses offered through CWA’s alliance with APT College, also reachable through the CWA NETT link.

Guild members save with Union Plus benefits


One often overlooked benefit of membership in the News Media Guild is the access it provides to Union Plus.

Backed by the AFL-CIO, Union Plus provides a range of discounts and financial services to union members, including scholarships, travel and car rental discounts, entertainment deals, auto and pet insurance, credit cards, AT&T wireless service discounts, legal services, real estate, moflowers180x150rtgage and moving discounts, financial hardship assistance and more.

There are more than 40 discounts and benefits in all.

The benefits are available to current and retired members.

The credit card from Union Plus is one of the most popular benefits, but it is not requir225x180UP-attUnionStrong04ed to take advantage of the other discounts and services.

From discounted flowers to help preparing for and financing college, Union Plus can help keep money in your pocket.

Getting started is simple. Just use the links on the ads on this page, or visit and click on CWA-TNG in the drop-down list of participating unions.

You can also keep up to date on new and seasonal benefits by following Union Plus on Facebook and Twitter, and reading the “Collective Bargains” blog.



Union scholarships named after CWA founder available



Unions improve economic future of children, study says


Charleston Post and Courier

Children who grow up in homes where a parent is a member of a labor union appear to have a greater chance at financial success than children growing up in nonunion households, a new study says.

“There are strong reasons to believe that unions may increase opportunity,” researchers at Harvard University, Wellesley College and the Center for American Progress, a think tank, say in their study titled “Bargaining for the American Dream: What Unions Do for Mobility.”

That opportunity can influence a child’s ability to rise above his or her economic standing, according to the study, which says unions improve economic future of children.

“First, there are the direct effects that a parent’s union membership may have on their children,” the researchers say. “Union workers make more money than comparable nonunion workers — what economists call the union premium — and when parents make more money, their children tend to make more money — which economists refer to as the intergenerational earnings elasticity.”

Other possibile factors, according to the study:

Union jobs may be more stable and predictable, which could produce a more stable living environment.

Union jobs are more likely to provide family health insurance.

According to the study, children of noncollege-educated fathers earn 28 percent more as adults if their father was in a labor union. They also attain higher education levels than their nonunion counterparts.


STUDY: Unions improve economic future of children

Just a 10 percent increase in an area’s labor union membership is associated with a 1.3 percentage point increase in the ability of a low-income child from that area to reach the top 20 percent of wage earners as an adult. The percentage increase is 4.5 percent for children in all income levels.

Previous studies have shown five factors strongly associated with upward mobility in children, including an area’s: rate of single motherhood; high school dropout rate; degree of income inequality; degree of residential segregation; and social capital, such as participation in community organizations.

Single motherhood is, by far, the strongest factor associated with a lack of upward mobility for low-income children, researchers say. Union membership is about equal to the other four previously studied factors.

The presence of unions also can benefit the upward mobility of children in nonunion households, says the study.

“It has been shown that unions push up wages for nonunion workers, for example, and these wage gains for nonunion members could be passed on to their children,” the researchers say. “Children who grow up in nonunion households may also display more mobility in highly unionized areas, for example, because they may be able to join a union when they enter the labor market.”

Also, the study says unions often advocate for policies that benefit all working people, such as minimum wage increases and increased spending on schools and public services.

The study authors note that while statistics suggest a strong correlation between unions and mobility, further study is needed before a causal relationship could be proven.

As in previous studies about upward mobility, the one focusing on unions shows Southern states lag behind the rest of the nation, probably because the South has a lower rate of union membership than other parts of the country. In South Carolina, for example, just 2.2 percent of workers are union members — second-lowest in the nation behind North Carolina’s 1.9 percent rate.

That’s not likely to change, says a Brookings Institution report that shows while unions deliver things that people want, like higher wages, union opponents have built structural barriers to labor organizing that continue to deplete membership.

Those barriers include right-to-work laws that reduce a union’s ability to collect dues.

Deadline is June 4 to apply for 3 News Media Guild scholarships

The News Media Guild will award two $2,000 scholarships and one $1,000 wild card scholarship. Your application form is below and a return-address postage-paid envelope is enclosed for your convenience. Responses must be RECEIVED no later than 2 p.m. Thursday, June 4, 2015, to qualify.

The scholarships will be awarded by lottery the same day to any Guild member or his/her spouse or partner, children, parents, grandparent or grandchild, or other member of the nominating Guild member’s immediate household.  In the event of a change in status, the relationship at the time of the drawing will prevail.

The wild card scholarship allows a member to apply for a relative, a friend or a co-worker.

Scholarship candidates must be Guild members in good standing, or sponsored by a member in good standing.  Members may sponsor only one candidate. Prior winners cannot reapply. Continue reading