BARGAINING: A side-by-side comparison of Guild, AP proposals


Many challenging issues persist in contract negotiations between the News Media Guild and the AP. Click here to look at a side-by-side glance of what contract issues are still outstanding, with the company’s proposals compared to the Guild’s proposals.

AP is seeking very steep increases in health insurance premiums, a major shakeup to job security language, the elimination of overtime for some overseas events and no raise in 2018. The Guild’s negotiating team views all of these changes as givebacks, but we need fight back these proposals with the unified support of all employees.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Sign up for Shoptalk, and encourage your colleagues to do so to follow the negotiations. You can write the union at to add people to the list. addresses are not allowed for security reasons.
  • Participate in mobilizing actions by sharing social media posts, signing petitions, wearing Guild shirts or buttons or placing a sign or table tent at your desk showing support for the Guild.
  • Participate in bi-weekly conference calls led by chief mobilizer Michele Salcedo. Write Michelle at for dates and times.
  • Follow the News Media Guild on Facebook, Twitter and its website.
  • If you haven’t already – JOIN THE UNION! If you have, ask a coworker to join.
  • Post bargaining bulletins on your Guild bulletin board.
  • Most of all, stay engaged and let the company know you don’t support their terrible proposals.


In solidarity,

Jill Bleed, Little Rock
Vin Cherwoo, New York Sports
Dave Herron, Seattle technician
Ed Morsett, Denver technician
Kevin Keane, chief negotiator