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BARGAINING: Guild tells AP of ‘strong opposition’ to Olympics OT proposal

The News Media Guild told The Associated Press on Tuesday that there’s strong opposition to the company’s proposal to eliminate overtime for employees covering international events like the Olympics and World Cup. The Guild bargaining team also proposed leaving the contract language on expenses unchanged.

Also Tuesday, the Guild and The Associated Press signed a tentative agreement to leave unchanged much of the contract language on news associates. The tentative agreement keeps the contract language that says AP may only employ 16 news associates at a time, and that news associates may not get bylines, photo credits or tag lines. The agreement also says news associates can apply for AP jobs during their two-year stints, and that they may perform some additional work, including searching for and permissioning user-generated content. The tentative agreement will be posted online at www.newsmediaguild.org.

The AP said it hopes to respond this week on Guild proposals to increase the length of parental leave for mothers and fathers, and to allow employees to use sick days to care for ill dependents.

The AP and Guild plan to discuss health insurance and other benefits proposals later this week.

Bargaining resumes Wednesday.