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BARGAINING: AP rejects Guild’s adjustable pension proposal

The News Media Guild on Monday proposed the adoption of an adjustable pension plan under which the the AP would merge its frozen pension plan into the The News Guild’s multiemployer plan. The move could save the company a significant sum on its funding obligations. However, the AP said it is meeting its funding requirements and preferred to retain its plan.

The Guild and the AP reached agreement on expanding the flexible scheduling option for employees who are primarily engaged in newsgathering. The option excludes regional desk editors, text editors, photo editors, video producers and breaking news employees, Nerve Center, Data Center, News and Research, Sports Agate and Corporate Finance departments. It requires mutual agreement by the employee and the complany, and can be ended with six weeks’ written notice.

The scheduling provision also includes the following language:

  • “The Employer agrees that the exemptions are intended to give the affected employee broader discretion in setting his/her own working hours and shall not be used to avoid payment of overtime. The Employer recognizes the need for and encourages exempted employees to take consecutive days off and ensure rest intervals of at least 12 hours.”

Representing the Guild were Jill Bleed of Little Rock, Ark., Vin Cherwoo of New York Sports, technician Ed Morsett of Denver, and Guild administrator Kevin Keane.

Representing the AP were: attorney Steve Macri; Sue Gilkey, global director of employee benefits; Ellen Fegan, vice president for internal audit; David Scott, deputy managing editor; Jean Maye, human resources director; and Keisa Caesar, human resources generalist and project manager.