Atlanta, them home to NYC

My trip to Atlanta last week was my final buro visit in the Guild’s spring recruiting project.

I met some terrific members, including those pictured, Errin Haines, left, and Kate Brumback, who joined me and steward Dorie Turner-Nolt for some shoptalk after work.

As in most of the other buros I visited in the last three months, I also saw a lot of empty desks in Atlanta. The staffing reductions in the last few years are felt everywhere, but we keep working, keeping the wire alive with quality journalism.

These are difficult times in our industry, and we can likely expect to continue to feel the impact of those difficulties at the AP.

To me, this makes Guild membership even more important. We need to have everyone on board to provide smart, forward-thinking suggestions on how to address the changes we are seeing, to make sure everyone is given the training and equipment they need and that all are treated fairly under our contract.

I return to the Business News department next week, and while I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this project for the Guild, I’m also aware I wasn’t the only one making an extra effort. My absence from our department was surely felt, and I owe a big thanks to all of my colleagues who carried the burden while I’ve been gone.

I also want to thank the stewards and other Guild members across the country who have welcomed me and helped coordinate my visits. It’s been a terrific experience meeting so many of my colleagues and hearing their stories!

I encourage everyone to keep talking with non-members about the Guild. Together, we can continue to build our union and make it stronger.

In unity,
AJ Connelly