And the Emmy goes to … the Guardian US interactive team

And the Emmy goes to … the Guardian US interactive team, which won the award for a four-part series about immigration, produced in partnership with The Texas Observer.

The team received the Emmy for new approaches in current news coverage. To learn more about the series, click here

In addition, Melissa del Bosque, a reporter with The Texas Observer, and the Guardian US interactive received a 2015 Online Journalism Award for a large online feature.

“Thank you so much for this award. We are incredibly honored and proud to win this award for telling the powerful story of lives impacted by the US immigration crisis,” said Lee Glendinning, the Guardian US editor in chief, when accepting the Emmy. “These are the stories of mothers who have lost their children and migrants struggling for a new life and the truth about those who are coping on the sidelines of the overwhelming border crisis. This project was such a great collaboration between the Texas Observer, the amazing reporting of Melissa del Bosque and the Guardian – our editors, our video team, our interactive team. It was fantastic collaboration with all of us.” 

And the Emmy goes to …

The Guardian US team behind the series includes Mae Ryan, Nadja Popovich, Kenan Davis, Kenton Powell, Rich Harris and Feilding Cage.

“To tell this story we needed to really push some of the boundaries of what was possible in digital story telling. Our use of 3D mapping and integrated satellite technology helped us establish a sense of place along with a layer of context on the Central American violence, migration roots through Mexico and the role of cartels and the role they play in human trafficking,” Glendinning continued.  

“So really we are so proud to win this for such an incredibly personal, heartbreaking and human tale that gives us so many different perspectives on the border crisis at the moment.”